Conditions of Use for the Spectrum Brands Mediacenter

Please note that due to the wide range of opportunities and risks associated with the Spectrum Brands Mediacenter (hereinafter ‘Mediacenter’), Tetra GmbH (hereinafter ‘Tetra’) has established a number of general conditions regarding the use of the Mediacenter for your and its own protection. Thank you for your understanding.

The purpose of the Mediacenter is to provide texts, images and other documents (hereinafter ‘content’).

Subject to these conditions of use, the content is accessible to Mediacenter users for commercial purposes with a view to marketing and selling products under the brands available in the Mediacenter, including Tetra, 8in1, FURminator, IAMS and EUKANUBA.

1. Registration/user access/user account

1.1. To use the Mediacenter, users first have to register and set up a user account, which is then activated. Users are obliged to provide true and complete personal data when registering for the service and must immediately notify Tetra of any subsequent changes to this data.

1.2. When registering for the Mediacenter, users select their own password. Users are responsible for ensuring that the password associated with their username is not disclosed to any third parties. Users accept full liability for any acts carried out while logged in with their username and password.

1.3. Furthermore, users undertake to inform Tetra without delay as soon as they become aware of any misuse of their login details. In the event of any misuse, users will be required to change their password immediately.

2. Mediacenter usage restrictions

2.1. Users undertake to only use the download option provided in the Mediacenter (basket download).

2.2. Users are prohibited from incorporating and/or portraying content belonging to the Mediacenter in a frame via a hyperlink. Copying data from the Mediacenter using technology such as a crawler or spider is also prohibited.

3. Right of use for content

The granting of rights of use as well as the scope of such rights and any limitations are regulated by the separate General Terms of Use of Spectrum Brands.

4. User liability

Users are liable for any damages resulting from unauthorised and/or improper use of password-protected logins or from exceeding the legal position granted in accordance with point 3 and release Tetra from all third-party claims.

5. Termination of access authorisation

5.1. Tetra reserves the right to terminate or block users’ access authorisation at any time, without giving reasons.

5.2. Users may terminate their access authorisation to the Mediacenter at any time by means of a termination notice or have it blocked on request.

5.3. In all events, the access authorisation will expire upon termination of the customer relationship with the user.

5.4. Once the access authorisation has been terminated, users will no longer be able to log into the Mediacenter using their designated username and chosen password.

6. Privacy

For information about data protection and the use of your personal data within the scope of using the Mediacenter, please see the separate Privacy Policy.

7. Miscellaneous provisions

7.1. These conditions of use and the associated relationship between the user and Tetra are governed by German law to the exclusion of the provisions of international private law.

The place of jurisdiction is Osnabrück.

7.2. Should any of the provisions of this agreement be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected. The parties to the agreement undertake to replace the invalid or unenforceable provision with a lawful provision which achieves, to the greatest extent possible, the same results as the original provision. If the contracting parties are unable to agree on such a provision, the agreement will be construed without the applicable provision. The same applies in the event of loopholes.

7.3. Tetra reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time or to modify or terminate the Mediacenter services.

© Tetra, October 2018